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The advanced technology in the field of ecology is a strong point in both economic and environmental terms (energy recovery and maximization of resources)


In our ovens in our painting systems install heat recovery systems and blast smoke ring. This takes air saturated of polymerization and sends it partially, through an electric fan controlled by PLC, in the combustion chamber in order to be neutralized the bad air and...
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Each coating system responds to specific needs related to type of treatment, the available spaces and other requests of the customer. Depending on circumstances it may provide warehouses, loading / unloading stages with continuous advancement in step or managed by an...
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PHYSICS AND CHEMICAL WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMS FLOCCULATION Flocculation is a treatment of waste water of chemical-physical type. It consists, in short, in the removal of suspended and sedimentable solids. In the surface treatment plants and in industrial coating,...
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In the last few years we have developed many systems that use different nanotechnology products for several metal substrates such as iron, galvanized iron, aluminum. These innovative treatments are increasingly used in place of phosphate .These treatments confer to...
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