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TEKIMP has a long term Know-How in design and installation of electrocoating systems. Its over 30 years experience makes TEKIMP a strategic partner for the engieneering of electrocoating systems. All the request for electrocoating systems is analyzed with leading world producers of paints cationic electrocoating. We evaluate every aspect, we perform laboratory tests and sampling order to determine the best ratio quality/value.

order to determine the best ratio quality/value.

How does cataphoresis works and best applications
The cataphoresis is a painting system which uses the principles of electrochemistry to deposit electrochemically paint diluted with water. The resins used for the deposition are generally cationic epoxy or acrylic. This painting system is widely used in the automotive sector because it gives to treated pieces a high resistence to corrosion.


The electrocoating tank is made of AISI 316 / L-coated or reinforced PP. The particular construction requires that all internal edges are widely. The ramps for moving are positioned outside the tank while inside there are only the nozzles for moving paint.Rigorous testing for hydraulic and safety measures are performed on the tank before of fittings the accessories.