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Tekimp, designs, manufactures and installs industrial washing systems for pretreatment of metals. These systems are preliminary processes to industrial coating and in general to the metal surface treatment.
Depending on the materials to be treated, i.e. aluminum, steel, alloys, others, and the expected results, Tekimp manufactures washing equipments for pre-treatment, designed and tailored on the customer’s needs.The type of application, such as the type and the amount of processes to be implemented in a system of pre-treatment of the metals may be very different from each other.

Each solution and installation made by Tekimp is different, each installation is unique and specific; as well as unique and specific are the products and the processes that diversify the solutions our customers than their competitors. Schematically, we can summarize the development of a project work:

1) Listen to the customer’s needs in terms of results, productivity, specifications of products to be treated.
2) Develop the process and check with all the actors involved the feasibility and sustainability of the system.
3) Implement the project proposes reliable solutions from the point of view: chemical, mechanical and hydraulic.

Tekimp’ industrial washing systems can be made of different materials, depending on the specific need for treatment, used products , budget and needs of the customer. Typically we prefer to develop pre-treatment systems in AISI 316/L stainless steel, in some cases with parts made of AISI 304 and / or plastics.

Tekimp’ washing systems may be done witth single or multiple stages of treatment.

The pre-treatment can take place at step, static or with immersion. In all cases the pre-treatment systems Tekimp metals, are designed so as to ensure the perfect tightness and facilitate maintenance and control operations.

Tunnel washing systems, single or multistage
Immersion washing systems
Rubber mat washing systems
Single stage washing systems
Compact washing systems - Baskets washing systems