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Tekimp designs, manufactures and installs spray painting systems, water and solvent.
Schematically the liquid painting plant composition is as follows:

  • pretreatment
  • drying oven
  • ¬†Primer + withering
  • Enamel application + drying
  • oven cooking

In the first stage of pre-treatment for heavy boiler it is also used very frequently blasting

[Expand title = “Wet paint spray booth”] Description booth standard liquid paint booth:

  • Cabins built with Fe bended galvanized steel panels bolted equipped with openings for accommodating windows for housing ceiling and visibility for an internal
  • Body self-supporting cabins, thickness of the supporting wall paneling 3 mm.
  • Flat cabin walls without edges, to avoid dust accumulations.
  • The roof of the cabin consists of a full plenum of frames for the containment of the air filter
  • Raised grilled decking supported by a suitable carpentry, beneath which are housed a series of cupels fe of galvanized preabbattimento and a series of baskets
  • Filter holder “Columbus filter” for dust collection of liquid paints.
  • In-service operators in the two cabins, you will find in a vertical airflow as you requested, and as stated in the standard. of complete access doors with panic bars, with the landing of the cabin access protections, pneumatic techniques openings for the entry of the semi-finished (controlled opening and closing by the working cycle).
  • STRIPPER FOR BOOTHS of adequate power depending on the size
  • PRESSURIZER gs with burners in air vein.

Tekimp has realized both of spray and immersion wet painting systems with water-based paints or solvent-based for radiators and for agricultural sector.
Paint shops in Tekimp liquid are currently installed and in operation on three continents