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Each coating system responds to specific needs related to type of treatment, the available spaces and other requests of the customer. Depending on circumstances it may provide warehouses, loading / unloading stages with continuous advancement in step or managed by an inverter.
At the same time, handling systems for coating sistems depend on multiple factors such as spaces and the type of treatment desired.

  • On wagon robots, with dipping tanks and progress in steps
  • Handling in-line tunnel and dipping cataphoresis tank only
  • Single rail conveyor
  • Double rail conveyor
  • Morris conveyors

Management software

The software control and supervision of cataphoresis is fully realized by our group. It works on any platform or operating system and is very easy to use. The GUI and the navigation are compliant with standards of usability. Innovative technologies adopted:

  • Millimetric adjustment: rolling – up / down
  • Adjustable speed and braking, in translation and up / down
  • Time sheduling for each work and dripping in each tank
  • Different working cycles for each piece holder bar


EPSON DSC picture